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Excerpt from Personal Responsibility Report:

You’ve probably heard the phrase “personal responsibility” before. It basically means owning up to your actions, your reactions, your work life, and your personal life. You do that by holding yourself accountable for the decisions you make, the choices you make, and where your life is right now.

So, how does personal responsibility have anything to do with your mindset? Because in order to work on your mindset, you need to have some level of personal responsibility and accountability. Changing your mindset is not easy and there will be many setbacks along the way. But when you decide to be responsible for it, it can help you keep moving forward, despite setbacks.

Maybe you’re working on your mindset and something goes wrong and you fall off the wagon, so to speak. It’s understandable. Sometimes it seems like all of your hard work has been for nothing when something big derails you or you fall back into old thinking habits. Maybe you skip a few days of working on your mindset, and that’s understandable too, but you can’t let it slide for too long. You need to be responsible for picking up where you left off and continue moving forward.


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10 PLR articles
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Determine Mindset Report
Determine mindset autoresponder series
Taking Responsibility for Your Mindset
Personal responsibility autoresponder series
Mindset research cheatsheet
Mindset topic suggestions
Personal development book list
More social graphics

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