Time freedom! Lifestyle freedom! Let’s be honest, that’s what we ALL want. The freedom to have the time to do the fun stuff we love. Unfortunately, too many are stuck in jobs they hate waiting for the weekend to arrive so they can have a little bit of enjoyment in life.

The weekend is spent trying to cram too much fun time in and not having enough time for the relaxation and downtime we need as well. Let’s be honest, sitting around and doing absolutely nothing sounds really good once in a while, doesn’t it?

What if you could spend any afternoon of the week napping on the couch? Or lounging in the backyard? Or going for a hike? Or going to the lake?

Isn’t that the life you really crave? It’s dang sure not the 9 to 5 job you dread going to every day. And way too many people are too tired by the time the weekend is here to even get out and enjoy it. Am I right?

Life shouldn’t be spent dreading every day having to go to a mundane job. You should be doing work you at least enjoy a little bit, but more importantly creating a life you enjoy.

I have never liked being told what I can do or when I can do it, which is why I hate our system of government. It’s no longer about we the people, it’s about them trying to herd us like cattle. So I’ve spent my life trying my best to have my life on my terms.

I simply want more people to take charge of their own lives—all of it–your personal health, your finances, your values, your core beliefs. YOU be the boss of YOU and yours!

Who Am I and What Do I Know?

*I’ve written PLR for some of the top PLR sellers.
*I’ve written a lot of my own PLR.
*I’ve had a decently successful freelance business. If I had managed it properly I’d still be doing that. Unfortunately I became a work-a-holic and couldn’t keep that up forever. This is why I preach about self-care and not biting off more than you can chew, and I encourage you to build a team so you can run your business instead of working IN your business. Unless you want to, then by all means, carry on.
*I spent a few years writing fiction full-time. I’ve published 10 novellas.

I may not be a guru, but I am definitely not a newbie, either. 😉
I now spend only a few hours a day working ON my business. Consistency is better than speed.
I still write my own PLR content. Eventually I’d like to hire a team, but for now I am content doing my own writing.

I’m here to inspire you and share information on how you can start building YOUR dream life, growing a business you enjoy, and living a lifestyle that YOU love. Will it happen overnight? Nope, but it can be done. 😉

Who am I? I’m a imperfect Christian, Musician’s Wife, Mom, Nana, Friend and Encourager.I love the outdoors and can’t wait for my next nature adventure. Heck, I’d live in the woods if I could and that’s actually one of my goals. Haven’t gotten there yet, but I am working towards it. 😉

Be sure to grab my 10 Steps to Building a Successful Business While Still Enjoying Your Life. You’ll find it in the sidebar—just fill out the form and get started building your dream life.




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