As you work on designing your life and an online business to match your version of a fulfilling and happy life, it’s imperative to realize that it’s not selfish to go after what you want. While it’s not selfish to make yourself happy as long as making yourself happy doesn’t include criminal or unethical activity, there are times when being so-called selfish is good for you and good for business.

So, first things first. Taking care of yourself HAS to come first. It is essential. You may think you can run on steam and let people misuse you, but it never works out good for you in the end…so just Stop It! if you’re already doing it.

Take Care of You First

This is probably the hardest for females. Women tend to put everyone else first but feel bad when they put themselves first. When it comes to your needs, always put needs before wants. Your needs come before your wants. Your needs come before someone else’s wants. This is how it should be. If you aren’t happy, healthy, and living the life you really want to live, you need to make some serious changes and start putting yourself first. You can’t tend to others or a business if you’re trying to run on empty.

I’ve had friends who would not put their foot down and take care of themselves first. They constantly lived their life being on the back-burner. Well that’s not living and it ran their health into the ground—their physical health AND their mental health. I have never been a people-pleaser. It just doesn’t work out.

Follow Your Schedule

When you set up a schedule with real planning and thought about fitting in the things you want to do in life, it’s important to mostly follow your schedule. If you are having a hard time sticking to the schedule, maybe you’re not putting your plans first, or maybe you need a new schedule that is more realistic. When you develop a schedule that includes everything, including lunch with your four-year-old, data entry, exercise, and so forth, you’ll have a much more balanced life.

Stick to Your Budget

When most people think of sticking to a budget, they think of only money. While yes, you need to create and stick to your well-thought-out budget so that you keep your bank account healthy and can go after other things you want, remember that you have other non-money resources like your health, time, and so forth.

Say No (or Yes) with True Thought and Consideration

Don’t say yes or no to any request without thinking about it first. You need first to ask yourself if you even want to do it, figure out why you want to do it, what the benefits are, and then check to see if you even have time to do it. If you don’t want to do it, you can say no without guilt.

If you do want to and can’t, due to time or other constraints, state so and do not feel bad. If you can do it and want to do it, then you’re in the clear. But it’s imperative that you really think about it and study each question well

Prioritize Tasks, Especially Money-Making Tasks

As you create your schedules for your business activities, remember to prioritize any money-making tasks. The main reason is that without money you can’t do all the things you want to do that make your life worth living.

However, this doesn’t mean that you work 20 hours a day on money-making tasks. Instead, you’ll simply spend some of your time each day hard at work doing money tasks. When you designed your life, you discovered how much time you have left to make money. Use that time wisely. There is no point in spending time, for example, chatting with people on social media before you send offers to your customers.

All the best,

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